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Panasonic Enforces Trademark in Fujian

Posted by: ESSEN Patent & Trademark Office
Practice Area: Trademark    Country: China    Publish Date: 26-Aug-2009

Panasonic Corporation learnt from Fuzhou Customs in March 2008 that Fu'an Dacheng Electric Company labeled its exported water pumps and cartons holding them with Inter National, which was suspected of infringing Panasonic's registered trademark G824377 as recorded at the General Administration of Customs. As further investigation
indicated, on top of using Inter National, Dacheng also used National, which was identical to the registered trademark. Panasonic then sought injunction and 300,000 yuan in damages. In July the same year, Dacheng requested the Trademark Office under the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to revoke the trademark on the ground of non-use by Panasonic for more than three years.

Mediated by the court, Dacheng admitted its infringement by using Inter National, promised no further use of National or similar labels, dropped its request for revocation and indemnified 20,000 yuan in damages. (Source: SIPO 2009-03-18)

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