• Patent

    A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor or assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention.

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  • Trademark

    A trademark is any word, name, symbol, or design, or any combination thereof, used in commerce to identify and distinguish the goods or services of one manufacturer or seller from those of another and to indicate the source of the goods.

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  • Copyright

    Copyright is the exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material.

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  • Design

    "Design" means only the features of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament or composition of lines or colours applied to any article, by any industrial process or means, which in the finished article appeal to and are judged solely by the eye.

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  • Geographical Indication

    A geographical indication (GI) is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin. In order to function as a GI, a sign must identify a product as originating in a given place.

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  • Corporate Law

    Corporate Law (corporations law, company law) deals with the formation and operations of corporations and is related to commercial and contract law.

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  • Litigation

    Parker & Parker Co. LLP’s Intellectual Property Litigation Team provides a full range of litigation services related to patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and other related areas of intellectual property law.

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Firm Profile

Parker & Parker Co. LLP is a Leading National Intellectual Property & Corporate Law firm located at Ahmedabad city in Gujarat state of India. The Parker & Parker Co. LLP is specialized and dedicated to protecting the ideas and innovations that drive businesses around the worldwide. Parker & Parker provides their professional services to private and public businesses for their Intellectual Property and Corporate – Commercial Law Matter in India and Worldwide.

Our practice includes all aspects of patent, trademark, copyright; design, including counseling, prosecution, licensing, and litigation. We also represent clients on IP issues related to international trade, portfolio management, e-commerce and domain name and corporate and commercial matters.

The firm's clients do business in a variety of domestic and international markets and they operate in major industry sectors, including Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Technology, Life Sciences, healthcare, software, hardware, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, media and e-commerce, semiconductor and nanotechnology.

Our patent attorneys & lawyers have advanced degrees in cutting-edge scientific disciplines. Through this powerful combination of legal and technical knowledge and strengths, we have become the largest and one of the most successful IP law firm in India.

The Parker & Parker Co. LLP philosophy of a client-firm alliance is built on the firm's commitment to clear and continuous communication. Parker & Parker Co. LLP is committed to understanding technology as it relates to each client's business and industry, as well as utilizing technology to successfully represent each client. Parker & Parker Co. LLP's robust knowledge management system is utilized to economically and efficiently benefit the firm's clients.