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Whenyou talk about domain name you mean a unique name thatidentifies internet resourcessuch as websites that is registered as second level and/or third level domain under .tz ccTLD. Second Level Domain Name"or "SLD" means domain name after the .tz top level domain.


Obligation to use Domain Name .tz

It is a mandatory requirementfor any company, Government, Non-Governmental Organizations, society, partnershipor community registered and conducting business in Tanzania which requiresdomain name to register and use domain names with .tz country code.

Every institution, company,and entity having a registered domain name must use the same for all officialcorrespondences unless the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA)proves that it is technically not possible.

Any person who fails to usedomain name .tz commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to afine or to imprisonment.

Registrationof Domain Names

The registration of domainnames are performed by the accredited registrars. The accredited registrarare:-

i.              a registered company or firm with a permanent addressin United Republic; or

ii.            accredited registrar by an Internet Corporationfor Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

If an institution, company,Government, Non-Governmental Organizations, society, partnership or community wantsto own a domain name in Tanzania, they should apply to an accredited registrar.

The application should be accompaniedby payment of all domain name registration fees or any other service inconnection with such registration.

After receiving the application,the Registrar will verify the information within two working days. Afterverification and being satisfied with the Applicant’s details, the registrar andapplicant may enter into an agreement for registration and management of domainnames.


The registrar shall submit theapplicant’s information to the Central Registry for domain name activation andregistration. Upon full registration, the TCRA shall assign the use of theregistered domain name to the registered holder.

The registration will be validfor a period of one year subject to renewal for several years upon payment ofrenewal fees for not more than five years at once.


Assignmentand Transfer

Assignment is allowed only ifthe conditions and criteria set by law are observed.

On the transfer side, Domain namemay be transferred to a new holder upon written request to the TCRA through theregistrar. The transfer of the domain name shall not affect the original day ofexpiration.


Changeof domain name data

Domain name changes can bemade by making a request to the Registrar. After receiving application, aregistrar will submit to the Authority a request to change or modify data andthe Authority may register and keep records of such change or modification.

The change or modification ofthe domain name data shall not affect the original day of expiration.


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Mkama hold a Master ofIntellectual Property from the University of Dar es Salaam. He leads theIntellectual Property, Technology & Media, Telecommunications and DataProtection Practices team at ENDO & Company. He handles both contentiousand non-contentious matters in the areas of intellectual property("IP"), media, information technology ("IT"), dataprotection and telecommunications law, and has extensive experience working onregulatory, transactional, enforcement and advisory projects in these areas,counting among his clients’ multinational companies, listed corporations andgovernment regulators.

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